ACL231 SELENA Dress in White Size M (Ready Stock)

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ACL231 SELENA Dress in White Size M (Ready Stock) 2 2
Introducing BASICA SERIES⁣. A representation of Modest Basic Outfit for everyday occasion. ⁣
The outfit for the busy and dynamic Ammara Ladies who deserve the best comfort and quality in everyday activity.

Basica - The thoughtful pieces that we crafted for the modest, feminine, yet still sparks elegance.


Ukuran S/ Ukuran M / Ukuran L⁣⁣
Panjang Dress : 138cm / 138cm ⁣/ 138cm
Lingkar Dada : 95cm / 106cm / 110cm⁣
Lingkar Ketiak : 46cm / 48cm/ 52cm

Lebar Bahu : 39cm / 40cm / 41cm⁣
Material : Tory Burch⁣⁣ (berserat, tebal tidak menerawang. Khusus untuk warna putih nya sudah di double furing)

Harga : IDR 299000⁣

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