ASC304~ Ammara Signature Scarf ~ BERRY~ in grey (Sold Out)

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ASC304~ Ammara Signature Scarf ~ BERRY~ in grey (Sold Out) 0 0
Introducing the latest #AmmaraSignature design : BERRY. 

"BERRY" represents women who perform their best to survive against all difficulties and challenges in life.
At the same time, any kind of "BERRY" like strawberries, cranberries, mulberries, etc is filled with goodness for others.
And that's the quality of #AmmaraLadies : Survival and Goodness.
BERRY is available in 4 colors : Brown, Ivory, Grey, and Peach.

Product Detail :
- Material : Turkish Voile (VOAL)
- Color : grey
- Price : IDR 299000

Care Label : 
- Avoid high temperature when ironing.
Note :
- This is a ready item
- Shipment ready stock : 1 working day after payment
- The scarf is 110cm x 110cm, wearable as accessories or hijab

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